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Corporate and Business Advisory

Our Corporate Advisory service is aimed at businesses looking to consolidate their market position. In most cases in the current Covid-19 pandemic, “doing nothing” is no longer an option. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Whether it is making acquisitions to expand the business or disposing of non-core activities or even helping afterwards to integrate the acquisition, we can help. It may also be that you need to consolidate with a market competitor – we can act as a facilitator for these transactions. All successful business needs to continue to evolve.

Providing Executives
Wheeler Johnson can provide experienced senior executives to work on an Interim or Part-Time basis with you. We understand your needs but also your budget constraints so will agree a level which works for all parties for the best interest of your company.

Raising finance
Any successful business will reach a point where they require additional funding to achieve its growth objectives. This may require just an extension of a traditional banking facility, but could also involve a combination of traditional and external facilities. Your facilities should be tailored specifically to fit the requirements of your business. We can assist you in sourcing funding for your specific business needs. We have good relationships with high street lenders as well as access to both Venture and Private Equity investors. We will work with you to assess your needs and put together the right options for you. Whilst this may seem a daunting prospect, we will help you understand the process every step of the way. Because we are not agents of the lenders, we are completely impartial.

We have experience in raising finance from a multitude of channels, including traditional facility, Venture Capital, Private Equity Houses, AIM listing, Full Exchange listings and overseas exchange listings including Toronto and Frankfurt.

Access to Private Funding
As an extension of the finance facility service, we also work with a small, carefully selected group of investors that specialise in investing in businesses where they can add real value through their experience. It’s a bit like Dragons Den, so these investors tend to look for opportunities in sectors they know or understand. This means that if they come on board, you will get access to all of their extensive network of contacts to accelerate your companies potential.

We are also able to provide assistance to companies looking to enter the UK market or UK companies looking to expand Internationally.